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Gadget Studio - Build gadgets for Windows Vista sidebar
Create your own branded gadget in 5 minutes
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How to integrate your web-site into sidebar?

Put your branded gadget on sidebar

Gadget Builder allows you to create gadgets for Windows Vista sidebar in a matter of minutes.

You can create fully branded gadgets:

  • include your logo
  • links to your site and services
  • add your RSS feed to notify users about your news.

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Learn how to create the first gadget

Do you need to make your Google desktop gadget?

Who should use Gadget Builder?

Gadget Builder is made for webmasters, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

How you can benefit from Gadget Builder?

  1. Make better brand awareness
  2. Improve loyalty
  3. Increase traffic
  4. Earn money

Make better brand awareness
The branded gadget with your own logo and links will always be behind of your user's eyes.

Increase traffic
Keep your users one click away from your site. Gain frequently returning visitors and increase your traffic.

Improve loyalty
Provide your own unique services through gadget. Your users will appreciate it.

Earn money
You can increase traffic with gadget: users will use your site more often. And traffic is money. You can put a search box in gadget and drive all searches to PPC (Pay Per Click) engines and get paid for clicks.


With Gadget Builder you can create gadgets for Windows Vista sidebar in a matter of minutes.

  • Branding
  • Your own buttons, images.
  • Built-in gadgets templates
  • RSS feeds support

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Choose template

Choose template Start Gadget Builder and choose one of the gadget templates that comes with software.


Set options

Set options Set option of chosen template.

Enter your personal information, your web-site, gadget properties.


Change default images

Add visual elements Change images in template with your own.


Place your own elements

Install gadget Place your own images, texts, links on 4 pre-configured areas.


Install gadget

Install gadget Finish with design. Build gadget package and install it to sidebar.

Your gadget is ready! Looking for samples? Samples are here.

Need a custom gadget?

Need a custom gadget for Windows Vista, Google Desktop or Yahoo Widget?
Need a custom template for GadgetBuilder?

We offer custom development service! Please contact us at and we'll provide you with free estimate.

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